Get out and about to one of many local events

Fermynwoods Podcast
Fri 15/05/2020 to Fri 31/12/2021
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Connecting Corby and Time To... virtual exhibition
Fri 06/11/2020 to Sat 06/11/2021 From 2pm on 6th November 2020 for 1 year
Made With Many
The Phone Box Gallery
Sat 14/11/2020 to Sun 14/11/2021 24 hours
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Joyful Conversations
Mon 29/03/2021 to Mon 17/05/2021 Weekly on Mondays at 11am or 2pm
Made With Many
Pleasure Garden at Deene Park
Sun 02/05/2021 to Wed 29/09/2021 Visit deenepark/com for details
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Love Corby Virtual Networking Event
Thu 13/05/2021 10.00 - 11.00 am
Love Corby
House and Garden Open Day
Sun 23/05/2021 to Tue 22/06/2021 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Deene Park
Jousting & Medieval Living History Village
Sun 20/06/2021 12:00-17:00
Rockingham Castle
House Tour with Cream Tea
Wed 30/06/2021 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Deene Park
Rockingham Castle's Food & Drink Fair
Sat 17/07/2021 to Sun 18/07/2021
Rockingham Castle